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The way the sun shines through trees, particularly in the fall, inspired me to consider combining wax and watercolors. As I explored the combination, I enjoyed the wax's luminosity and warm tones. Yet, the effect was not at its best unless the light was shining from behind the painting. Then, I had the idea of lampshades.



Much of my inspiration comes from nature and my own internal response. I notice lines, and love the contrast between light and dark that it creates. I am drawn to the use of more muted, earthy, colors. I admire their combination of subtly and power.


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Carolyn S. Pio is an artist inspired by the turbulent organic essence of the creation process while exploring watercolors, wax, graphite, pen, and ink. 


Artist Statement

The turbulent organic essence of the creation process is what entices me to create. My art is a cultivation of a relationship between myself, the medium, and the subject. These three aspects sometimes struggle for attention, work seamlessly together, or drive the other to do better. My chosen mediums are watercolors, wax, pen, and ink - mediums that once a mark is made, one cannot remove it. Sometimes I struggle with the marks. Was it a mistake in relation to the subject? Yet, I have convinced myself that each mark has its purpose. It is part of the expression process. Which then lends itself to the subject - whether it be swirls, trees or other elements in nature. Much of my inspiration comes from nature and an internal response. The combination of seen and unseen subtly and power of the natural world inspires me. 




Artist Biography

Carolyn believes what it means to be an artist includes exploring, interpreting, and implementing . . . ideas, concepts, and techniques. For Carolyn, art is not just artwork, but a way of living - thinking - how one approaches a challenge. As a result, Carolyn has been successful in a variety of roles and industries, however creating has always been consistent.


Being nestled in the woods of Central PA, Carolyn is inspired by nature and utilizes the organic and unforgiving nature of watercolor, wax, and pen & ink for her creations. Recently, Carolyn began creating lampshades in order to capture the sunlight shining through a forest and it has grown from there.  The lampshades are created on hot pressed paper, is applied with discernment in order to optimize the way the light shines. Carolyn then assembles the painting onto a shade frame high-quality watercolor paint, and pen & ink. Wax is then applied with discernment in order to optimize the way the light shines. Each shade is hand assembled either with archival cloth, tape, or hand sewn.

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My Instagram feed is used as a journal of my inspiration and the creative process (including the struggles and successes). 

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