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Marketing & Graphic Design

Carson Long Military Academy


Member of CLMA's Marketing Committee 

throughout the years have participated in CLMA marketing committee, however in 2017/2018 took on a more active role reevaluating our strategies, marketing fundraisers and revamping CLMA's newsletter in Adobe InDesign, while incorporating student input.

  • Redesigned newsletter in the software Adobe InDesign - for print, email release, and website

  • Reviewed marketing methods and developed plan 

  • Co-chaired the fundraiser Day of Give and raised over $30,000 for the school; also worked on other promotions along the same line.



Established and taught a Graphic Design Class, which also created the school’s yearbook through Belfour Software and Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop).

Perry County Council of the Arts

As the Programs & Services Manager, I was responsible for creating all of the public relations material (e.g. advertisements, flyers, newsletters) for the art's council and its programs.

Included was creating and implementing marketing strategies for the gallery, community programs, and fundraising events. 


In 2006, we were awarded Best Guild Store by NICHE Magazine and then in 2007, Best Art Nonprofit.







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