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Visual Art Educator

(6th through 12th grade) - As an art educator, my goal was for the students to learn and develop the habits of mind used in the creation process, and to empower them to utilize the creation process in numerous aspects of their lives.

  • Created and implement a choice based art curriculum grounded in Teaching Artistic Behavior model where students are given the opportunity to explore different mediums and choose what they want to create.

  • Instruct students on how to create various forms of materials (including traditional & recycled mediums).

  • Created an environment that is inspiring and safe (where mistakes are permissible and individual creativity is encouraged). All the while, working with diverse students of ethnic, emotional, and social backgrounds.

STEAM Educator


Pioneered a curriculum, assessments, and activities for a STEAM class based on an introduction to Physic for 8th graders. 

  • Started program a year before when collaborating with a community volunteer (engineer)  with an “afterschool” program once a week. 

  • Development officer found a grant for Sphero robots as a bases for a future class.  Intailed programming with Ipads, integrating it with the art program and focusing our middle school students.

  • I assisted with completing the art component/integration of 8th grade of the grant- then created the required 12 lesson curriculum.

  • Academic Dean asked me to lead a STEAM class for the AY 2017-2018. I developed the curriculum (including projects, assessments, and ensured supplies). Then team taught with IT Director and President of CLMA (math and science component).





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